Big Data Warehouse

Ecova is an energy and sustainability management company. This project was for the Big Data program team, who needed a web page for promoting their services. I had several meetings with the marketing manager to figure out what their needs were. We brainstormed and eventually settled on the concept of representing a big data warehouse through the huge collection of data stored on servers. When I think about data, I see it in 8-bit style, like classic video games and Legos, which influenced my sketches.

The final visual message is straightforward. The Big Data type treatment was inspired by the glowing indicators on the server. We created a “data wonderland,” of sorts, by adding graphics and charts behind the warehouse. Two men stand in front the building to show the scale and create visual contrast to the graphic. On this page, we highlighted the graphic and the important numbers very prominently and included form fields right below for downloading whitepaper. On the button page, we showed some insights with color-coded icons to make them pop. We not only used the graphic on the web page but we also used it on the homepage herobar, e-newsletter, and social media banners.