UX design for a kiosk and mobile app provides a quick and easy way to buy movie tickets
Role: UX Designer

The Challenge

How do you like to purchase movie tickets? Do you prefer to get them at the theater or online? Sometimes I just don’t feel like waiting at the box office, so I often buy my tickets on the web. Personally, buying tickets online is more convenient, however, it can take too many steps. To solve that problem, I created the FLASH PASS app to streamline the ticket-buying process.

The Discovery

  • I interviewed several people, ages 25–45, about their experience buying movie tickets, and identified the following patterns:

      • They use both desktop and mobile devices for purchasing

      • Often Google search by movie theater

      • Tend to buy tickets on movie theater websites

      • Use guest checkout because there is no option to register

      • Are frustrated with the complicated process

      • Struggle with sites that have poor mobile experience

The Solution

After brainstorming with the team, I created a solution; a product that can streamline the process of buying movie tickets.


These storyboards show how to use the product and how it can save users’ time and frustration.


The sketches show the product UI and how the kiosk entry gate will work at the movie theater.

A critique provided helpful feedback for product improvement. As a result, the FLASH PASS prototype was created, with a kiosk located at the entrance of the theater.

Prototype: Kiosk

If the buyer doesn’t have a ticket, he or she can pay for it at the gate by hovering their phone over the screen. Once charged, the gate will simply open. If you have already purchased your ticket, scan the QR code. Enter the theater and enjoy your movie!
Check out my interactive prototype: https://invis.io/7H60PNGVP

Prototype: Buy tickets through Google search

By Googling the movie theater of your choice, you will find a “Buy Ticket” button right next to the theater info. Select to purchase the ticket for that specific theater. You will receive the tickets via email. Here is the interface for the “checkout” page:

Prototype: Mobile App

You can download the FLASH PASS app and find all your tickets in one place. You can also look up show times and available seats for any movie theater. Check out my interactive prototype: https://invis.io/QW60MUHGR

Testing the App

After several user testing sessions with the target audience, I found that it was challenging to be descriptive enough to help guide users without giving away too much information. According to user feedback, I made a few adjustments.

User Highlights

    "This app is really good for frequent movie-watchers."

    "It’s very straight forward. No distractions."

    "I like that it shows all available movie tickets in one place."

    "It’s pretty sleek! I wish this was real."