Infographic and UX/UI design for HomeLab.

Infographic and icon design

I created the iconography and info graphic to explain HomeLab’s service. This info graphic on the homepage shows HomeLab's mission: To provide a bright, clean comfortable new home. Since we can't see clean air with our eyes, I created the see-through line style of icons and illustration to represent a clean and fresh look and feel of the house.

This graphic explains the Air Quality Testing Process. The microscope icon represents HomeLab's analysis. The leaf icon represents fresh and clean air. The calendar icon represents scheduling an appointment. 

UX/UI design

Report page / Shopping cart

I created responsive design layout for the report/shopping page. Customers will be able to review the air quality testing report of their home. They can improve the air quality by purchasing the services provided by HomeLab. To see the recommendation items for each category by selecting the arrow button. Customers can select the items they want to purchase and add them in the shopping cart. 

Mobile UI

Report page / Shopping cart