Art direction, web and print design for Listener Taiwan.

Brand developement

Listener is a brand of accessories from Tokyo, Japan. Their merchandise is targeted at a younger audience; the bag both functional and fashionable. When I first spoke to the Listener agent from Taiwan, the brand didn't carry a strong identity because it was pretty new to their local market, with only two pop-up shops in Taipei department stores. To help promote the Listener to their target audience, I worked very closely with the company owner, Mick Wang, on developing the visual identity and brand voice, as well as marketing and social media campaigns.

Web Design

First, I collected the content. Then designed, developed and hosted the Listener website. A few months after the website and Facebook fan page launch, Listener had become well known by young customers not only in Taiwan, but in Hong Kong as well!


When Listener began collaboration with famous Taiwanese singer Jing Chang, the exposure of the brand increased dramatically. I helped create the web and print advertisements.