Style Guide

An interior design firm in Seattle reached out to me for a new identity design. I met with the owner and talked about her expectation. I’ve learned about her work and how she approaches interior design. She told me that what she does is solving client’s problems like putting a puzzle together. I feel like we have a lot in common as designers. I was inspired by her idea of solving puzzles. I wanted to design something to represent her character and philosophy. I started to research for inspirations such as puzzles, blueprints, and perspective drawings. Then, I started to create sketches that represent these concepts. The diamond shape on the logo represents a puzzle piece and interior layout. The letter M from modernista is breaking out from the diamond shape. It represents building something from the ground up. You can see the concept of a perspective drawing from the shape of the logo. The colors are grey and coral. I chose this color palette because it gives a feminine and clean look and feel, just like the client’s style. I also chose to use only two colors for its simplicity.