Switch to Save

Collaboration: Partnered with Ecova designers, Ryan Brown and Kelly Saunders to develop the program brand, create the booklet layouts and icons.

This project is for the Arizona-based utility company, APS. We created several store materials for the lighting program that APS is currently promoting. The program’s goal is to promote new generation lighting such as CFLs and LEDs and to educate consumers on the new bulbs can save money and last longer than incandescent light bulbs. At the same time, we also want consumers to know about the discounts that APS provides. The design team, marketing manager, and copywriter had several brainstorming meetings where we discussed creating a store wobbler that is educational and interactive. We decided to create a wobbler booklet where consumers can read about the features of CFLs and LEDs. We had a lot of fun trying to come up with different prototypes; it felt like arts and crafts. This wobbler booklet was new to us, and it was also new to our printer. In order to make it work, we created prototypes and worked with the printer to learn about the limitations in production.

The headline is Switch to Save. The arrows on the type treatment represent the twist action when replacing a light bulb. We color-coded the CFLs and LEDs pages for easy navigation. On each page, we included highlighted benefits in using the new bulbs and recommended types for each room in the house. I created a set of simple line icons for each room. The icons are direct and clean and work well on the gradient background. In the end, we were all very pleased with the final booklet. It is not only educational but also a nice tool guide for consumers looking to purchase the right product that fits their need.