This Way To Energy Savings


PPL is a utility company in Pennsylvania. This project is a series of store promotional materials for e-power, which is PPL’s energy efficiency program. The piece is the wobbler that would be hanging on shelves in home improvement stores. The goal is to promote product rebates and discounts that PPL provides. As a consumer, I sometimes feel lost in stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. I was inspired by the way finding system and traffic signs, which are easy to read. I wanted to apply this style to the project to create an eye-catching visual to direct consumers to the discounted products. Working with the copywriter on the content, I started researching different ways to include the copy in metro signs, traffic signs, and museum wayfinding signs. I sketched out different sign shapes, numbers, and icons to combine these elements together.

Beyond the wobblers, I created pricing stickers and a fridge cling to be used on the sales floor. The copywriter came up with the catchy headline, This way to energy savings. To create a dynamic and direct visual, I used different traffic sign shapes and typography treatments for the headline. On this little sign, we have a call to action, which reads, “Just follow the signs to the products that offers savings now and for years to come.”